Brain Flow Regions

Europe Regio Basiliensis, Switzerland Navarra, Spain Hedmark, Norway Nemunas Euroregion, Lithuania Gelderland, The Netherlands Värmland, Sweden Overijssel, The Netherlands North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


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Project start in 2010
Project closure in 2014



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Due to demographic change and the resulting shortage in highly skilled labour, it becomes more and more important for local and regional economies to bind their high-potentials to the region. This retention of highly-skilled workers is crucial to create innovation and to make use of all the economic and technological potential in a region. However, regional policies to bind talents as well as regional marketing and PR strategies have to be based on the empiric knowledge and understanding of what makes a region attractive as well as on the needs and wishes of the workers the region is trying to retain. 


The sub-project Quality of Life aimed at providing this knowledge through a series of surveys in the partner regions allowing quantitative and qualitative data answering the following questions:


  1. In which region do highly-qualified workers live and to which areas do they move?
  2. What are the needs and wishes of talents when choosing their living and working environment?
  3. Which aspects – in their opinion – have room for improvement?
  4. What does the analyzed region offer in comparison to other regions?
  5. To what extent are regional marketing strategies already addressing the needs and wishes of highly-qualified workers?

Based on the gained insights, new policies to retain highly-qualified workers were developed, experiences and best practices were exchanged as well as new regional marketing strategies developed for each participating region.


Facts and Figures on Quality of Life
  • Priority 1: Increasing Regional Attractiveness
  • Lead Partner: University of Twente (NL)
  • 4 partners coming from Norway, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands
  • Duration: 14 months
  • Total Budget: 131.843 EUR